Be a Part of the Tweet-a-Thon!

Sooooooo…what are you reading this summer? Fun stuff? Assigned reading for school? Cool books that can earn you awesome prizes? (because we are doing that. Have you heard?)

Whatever you’re reading this summer, the New York Times wants to know about it. That’s why they’re holding a Tweet-a-Thon all day today!

All you have to do is log on to Twitter (assuming you have an account. If not, ask your parents’ permission to set up one!) and write a tweet–just don’t forget to use the hashtag #summerreading, okay? You can tweet about what you’re reading this summer, take a picture of your favorite book, even talk about your favorite quotes or characters. If it has to do with summer and reading, don’t be afraid to tweet it.

And you know the coolest part?! The New York Times will be re-broadcasting their favorite tweets. So…you could say that your tweet appeared on one of the New York Times pages! And then you’d be famous. A little famous. Well, you could definitely brag about it.

So what are you waiting for? Get reading, and Get Tweeting!

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