Haaaaaaaaaaapy Valentine’s Day!

…Are you filled with warm and fuzzy feelings of true love, Bits and Bramblers? Is it possible to feel those things on a Tuesday in mid-February? Personally, I kind of doubt it.

Maybe if you have…chocolate, or something, it’s possible. Which is good, because…like all the best holidays? Valentine’s Day includes candy.

So grab some of those message hearts, or filled chocolates from a heart-shaped box, and check out this made-of-awesome Valentine’s Day video we made here at the library. It’s another of our Mixed-Up Classics, and this time, we’re taking on Pride and Prejudice.

…Oh, don’t roll your eyes, Bits and Bramblers. Remember, just because it’s a classic, doesn’t mean it’s bad. After all, everybody knows that the love story between Elizabeth Bennett and Mr. Darcy is one of the greatest in literary history.

…Maybe. Kind of. Probably…

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