‘Twas the _____________ Before Christmas…

…and all through the (NOUN) not a (TYPE OF ANIMAL) was stirring, not even a…

You see we’re going with this, right?

Good. Because let’s be honest, Bits and Bramblers, fill-in-the-blanks games are awesome. And always, always funny. It might be the only thing in the universe that makes adjectives and adverbs fun. Next to old school School House Rock, obviously.

And because fill-in-the-blanks games are so awesome, we’ve created the ‘TWAS THE __________ BEFORE CHRISTMAS CONTEST!

Thaaaaat’s right, all you have to do is pick up an entry form at your faaaaaavorite library during the month of December, fill it out, and turn it in to your faaaaaaavorite librarian. Not only does that automatically enter you to win FREE GIFT CERTIFICATES TO CINEMARK, but you might see your very own Fill-in-the-Blank story here @ Bits and Brambles!

So…what are you waiting for, Bits and Bramblers? Head to your (ADJECTIVE) library in December and grab a (NOUN) and get writing!

Oh, and…not that you need it or anything (because you, Bits and Bramblers, are all wicked smart,) but just in case you don’t have your English book with you, here’s a refresher course in the parts of speech, so you’re not getting your adverbs and action verbs all tangled. Okay, now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, I think you’re ready. So get ready to fill in the blanks for your chance to win!

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