Who Would *YOU* Cast?

Okay, Bits and Bramblers/Hunger Games fans…are you excited about the upcoming movie? We’re still pretty far away from it, really. I mean, filming hasn’t even started yet, but…at least we know who will play Katniss Everdeen! So now we just need someone to play…er…everyone else.

And there have been a million suggestions already on who should play everyone from Peeta to Haymitch, like Josh Hutcherson and Brad Pitt. You can read up on TelevisionWithoutPity’s casting choices, and head to EW’s Popwatch and vote on who you think should play Peeta and Gale (oooh, and feel free to post your choices in the comments! I’ll go ahead and share my favorite pick–Ian Somerhalder as Cinna. Then again, it might be hard to think of Somerhadler as anyone but Damon Salvatore, but…no. I think it could work.)

So start speculating, Hunger Games fans! And after that, get your fix by checking out some of the awesome fan-made trailers on YouTube…like this one!

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