It’s Shiny. It’s New. And It’s JUST FOR YOU!

Remember last September? The weather was warm, there was no sleet or freezing rain, and your faaaaaavorite librarians were hard at work on the library’s shiny new website. Once the website was done, though, we started thinking. “Know what would be cool?” Your faaaaaavorite librarians said to each other, “If we could have a shiny new Teen Zone, too.” So we got to work.

And now, I’m proud to present our SHINY NEW TEEN ZONE. Now, I know I’m probably a liiiiiiittle biased, but…it’s made primarily of awesome. Seriously…look at all you can do! You can vote in our teen poll, see our calendar of events, and find out about some cool new books. And that’s just our home page!

So what are you waiting for, Bits and Bramblers? Check out the SHINY NEW TEEN ZONE, and all it can do for YOU!

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