Raise Your (Left) Hand If You Know What Today Is…

…That’s right, it’s Left-Hander’s Day! Here at the library, we’re very big fans of this day—because a lot of your faaaaaaaavorite librarian’s all happen to be Lefties (including me!) So all you Lefties celebrate—and all you Righties pay attention. Because I think you’ve been keeping us down for far too long!

Seriously, think about it…throughout history, left-handed people haven’t had it easy—and I’m not just talking about 3-Ring Notebooks or those stupid little scissors, either. For awhile, people thought left-handed people were clumsy, stupid…even evil.

Really, Righties? Evil? Are you sure you’re not just…jealous?

I mean, after all…there are lots of studies about how Lefties process information different than Righties—Lefties “are thought to process information using a ‘visual simultaneous’ method in which several threads can be processed simultaneously.” (And let’s not forget that the left side of the body is controlled by the right side of the brain, so…Lefties are the only ones in their right minds. Take THAT!)

Also, studies show that Lefties have natural advantages when it comes to things like playing sports, and that a high number of artists and scientists are left-handed. I mean there have been tons of great Lefties throughout history, like Alexander the Great, Babe Ruth, Prince William, President Obama...even Bart Simpson!

So even if you’re not lucky enough to be Southpaw, raise your left-hand in celebrate with us! I’ll leave you with a couple of my faaaaavorite Lefties, Sir Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr (along with John Lennon and George Harrison, who—even though they aren’t all Lefties—are all still awesome!)

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