Watch It Now: Family Ties

Hey Bits and Bramblers! You know how we keep telling you about books that we love (that you can get here at the library, because we want you to READ THEM NOW?!) Well, we’re starting a new series of posts here, highlighting some of our made-of-awesome AV materials—because we want you to WATCH THEM NOW!

…Like Family Ties. You should head to the library, check it out, and WATCH IT NOW. It was a very big show in the 1980’s. In fact, it was the show that made Michael J. Fox a star (even before Back to the Future!)

Just in case you don’t know much about the show, it was all about the Keaton Family, who lived in Columbus, Ohio (no joke! They always cheered for Ohio State, and they shopped at Lazarus.) Steven and Elyse Keaton were flower children in the 60’s, before finishing college and having three kids: Mallory (who’s obsessed with fashion,) Jennifer (who’s a tomboy,) and Alex P. Keaton (who…is a young Republican, and obsessed with Ronald Regan.) As you can tell, there might be a liiiiiiiitle conflict between Alex and his parents (but it’s good conflict. The “wacky good time” kind of conflict.)

So…what are you waiting for? Now that cold weather is coming, head to the library, check out Family Ties on DVD. Then head home, pop some popcorn, and WATCH IT NOW! Oh…and did I mention it had a really cool theme song? It had a really cool theme song. Sha-la-la-laaaaaa!

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