Wanna Race? TYPE Race, That Is…

I know you, Bits and Bramblers. You’re the kind of people that brag about how fast you can text, right? You probably have lightening fast thumbs. But here’s a question for you…how fast can you type?!?!?

You can practice a little (in fact, you can consider it a warm up,) by taking the Speed Typing Test. After that, you should be ready to race…well, to type race. I’m sure any other type of race would require a little more effort…

Aaaaaaaanywaytype racing. If you head to TypeRacer, you can race other typers (although, you might have already guessed that part.) The cool thing is, you race by typing quotes from classic books and movies like Monty Python and the Holy Grail. You even get your own little VW Bug Avatar, that keeps track of your progress, as well how fast everyone else is typing (But here’s a tip…don’t spend too much time focusing on the cute little VW Bugs…keep your eyes on the road—er, I mean—keep your eyes on the words.)

So rest your thumbs for awhile, Bits and Bramblers…and see how fast you can type! Maybe you’ll even get to type this quote…

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