READ THIS NOW: Beat the Band

Okay, Bits and Bramblers…Teen Read Week is half over. But if you’re still looking for a good “book with beat” to read, I’ve got the perfect suggestion.

So again, I’m just going to go ahead and assume you’ve read Swim the Fly, by Don Calame. If not, you’re missing out on a pretty awesome story…which continues in the new book, Beat the Band.

Now Coop, Matt, and Sean are in the 10th grade, and Coop’s pretty sure it’s going to be the best semester ever—starting with the three of them winning the “Battle of the Bands” competition. For awhile, everything’s great—the guys even make it into the competition! Of course, that was before the great “fate” project in Health Class, along with the fact that…you know…none of the boys actually play an instrument.

Check out our book trailer for Beat the Band…then celebrate Teen Read Week by READING IT NOW!

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