We WILL Rock You…

Well Bits and Bramblers, it’s really hard to believe that another Teen Summer Library Program is almost over (seriously…where did the time go? But don’t worry…if you haven’t finished reading your 1000 pages just yet, you’ve still got a little bit of time–the last day for turning in slips is this Saturday, August 1st!)

Aaaaaaaaanyway, you know what the end of the Teen Summer Library Program means…it’s time to celebrate! This Friday at the Main Library, we’ll be playing Rock Band. We’ll be eating pizza. We’ll be hanging out in the library after closing time. What’s not to love?

We’ll be starting at 5:00 pm., and wrapping things up around 7:30 pm…but you want to know the best part? If YOU want to rock, there’s still time to register for the program! All you have to do is call the Main Library, and let them know you want in on the fun!

Now…if you really want to get in a Rock Band state of mind, check out the official trailer for the game…and I swear to cheer very, very loud if you choose to play this song by (one of my all-time favorites) the Foo Fighters!

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