…We missed Talk Like a Pirate Day! Awwwww, man…how did that happen?

I guess it’s because your faaaaaaavorite librarians have all been working pretty hard on our shiny new website, which we just debuted this week (haaaaave you visited lately? If not, take a look around…and let us know what you think!)

Anyway, it’s possible that we were working on the last minute details and completely forgot to talk like a pirate. Even though it would have been waaaaaaay more fun to talk like a pirate while drinking lots of caffeine and working on the website (“Hey Matey! I do nay be seein’ th’ image on this page!” See? How is that not more fun?)

But really, why can’t EVERY day be talk like a pirate day? I mean, that’s how my favorite pirate of all time does it—Steve the Pirate, from the cinematic classic Dodgeball: A True Underdog’s Story. So even if you did celebrate “Speak Like a Seafarin’ Hearty Tide,” feel free to do it again today—or any day! You can even look at the library’s website (did I mention it’s shiny? And new?) and tell us what you think of it, in Pirate Speak! Use Steve as inspiration!

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