What’s YOUR Traveler IQ?

I never really liked Geography class, Bits and Brambers. Things might have been different, though, if I would have had the Traveler IQ Challenge back then…because I’m crazy-obsessed with the game now.

Here’s how it works—they’ll give you a world map, and city (let’s say…London, England,) or a famous place (like…Fenway Park,) and all you have to do is click the mouse in the right place! Sounds easy enough, right?

It would be, if there wasn’t a time limit. And if the game didn’t get all snarky with you when you click on the wrong spot (look…I know where Reykjavík is, okay? I was just…distracted. I really don’t think that the game needed to say, “Holy Geez, you’re terrible!” I think that’s a liiiiitle bit much, don’t you?

Stupid game. So why can’t I stop playing it?!?!?!

Aaaaaaaaanyway, see how you do with the game. After all, it might make Geography class easier! And we all know that it pays to be good at Geography. Remember the whole 2007 Miss Teen USA thing?

But it looks like Miss South Carolina is doing better now…after you find out your Traveler’s IQ, see how you do on her geography quiz!

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