WAY Better Than The Jumble…

…You know the Jumble, Bits and Bramblers? You can find it in the newspaper?

Yeah…I don’t like that game. I mean, I like to think I’m pretty good with words, but when they’re all messed up? Not so much. My head spins when I try to sort them out.

In fact, I’d rather pretend the word isn’t jumbled, and just make up a definition for it (“Nippeg? That’s…er…a new kind of thumbtacks to hang up posters with. They’re…you know…much better than that other kind of thumbtack.” And that’s why I’m awesome at this game.)

But here’s another awesome game–Eight Letters in Search of a Word.

So…it’s a tiny bit like the Jumble, because you get eight letters, totally scrambled, that make a word. And here’s how it’s a little different than the Jumble: there’s a time limit. But here’s how it’s infinitely better than the Jumble—even if you don’t know the eight-letter word? You get points for making smaller words out of the eight letters. This way, you can still hit your target score, even without figuring out the big word. How great is that?! You can’t do that with your Word Jumble!

So play some Eight Letters in Search of a Word, and start unscrambling…but before you get started check out this video (can you read it?!)

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