Now…I’ve made my thoughts on Cedar Point pretty clear, Bits and Bramblers. While I like the idea that America’s Roller Coast is only an hour away…some of the roller coasters freak me out. Two specific coasters in particular (Look…I’m sorry. I’m a big fan of Canada, BUT I DON’T REALLY WANT TO SEE IT FROM THE TOP OF A ROLLER COASTER.)

Luckily, the park’s new ride isn’t a roller coaster, it’s a water ride. One of the world’s largest water rides, to be exact, and it’s called Shoot the Rapids.

But don’t fool yourself into thinking it’s one of those lame water rides…you know, the kind where you hardly get wet, and pretty much go in a straight line? I mean, this is Cedar Point we’re talking about, here. The first hill is 85 feet tall—which is higher than the peaks of classic rides like the Blue Streak, the Mine Ride, the Iron Dragon, and the Corkscrew (I should probably point out that I’m comfortable riding all of those rides. Except the Corkscrew. Shut up. It goes upside down. On the midway.) Anyway…after the 89 foot hill, and the 49 foot hill, you’ll get splashed. A lot.

Now…the ride isn’t open just yet, but that’s no problem. It gives you time to read your 1000 pages, get your $8 Target gift card, and buy something cool for the drive up to Cedar Point. Then you can make some waves by SHOOTING THE RAPIDS! Still not convinced? Check out this “sneak peak” video!

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