Make Waves: Read “Swim the Fly” NOW!

So…you’ve signed up for the Teen Summer Library Program, right (RIGHT?!) Now, you know all about how the program works…but what about our made-of-awesome TEEN GAMES?!

Every week until the end of July, we’ll have a different teen game, like Think Like an Egyptian, a Famous Boat Match-Up, and Wax On/Wax Off. If you play—and you get all your answers right—you’ll go into our drawing to win gift certificates to McDonalds or Taco Bell (again…what’s not to love?!)

This week, it’s Frozen Treats—Unwrapped. You just have to match the name of the treat with it’s picture on the poster (and sorry…there aren’t any free samples. And the pictures will make you want to eat the frozen treats. But if you play the game and win, you can get frozen treats at McDonalds or Taco Bell. See how that works?)

Now, since you’ve signed up for the Summer Library Program, you need to read 1000 pages for your chance to win an $8 Target gift card, and go into the grand prize drawing to win an iPod. But where do you start?!

Well…we can knock 345 pages off your total, easy. So…haaaaaaave you read Swim the Fly? No? Well, watch our book trailer for Don Calame’s book, and then READ IT NOW!

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