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It’s been a long time, Once Upon a Bloggers.

I mean, seriously…we missed major holidays, the election and inauguration of a brand new President, and…well, a lot of other things.

But it doesn’t mean we don’t still love you. We’ve got a good reason, I swear. I don’t want to get too technical, but there was a…problem. One we thought was tiny, but turned out to be…kind of gigantic. Our server sort of…fried (in fact, if it was an egg? It would have been just like this.) So…it took us a little longer to fix than we were expecting.

But we’ve got a very good reason for that, too.

See, over the past month, we’ve totally renovated the Adult/Reference Department at the Main Library! That’s right, things were a liiiiitle sketchy for awhile (just…books. everywhere.) But now? It looks awesome. So awesome that it’s hard to put into words. We’ve got brand new carpet, more internet computers, a new reference desk (that we’ve lovingly nicknamed the Starship Enterprise,) and–best of all–a brand new Teen Zone! Check it out!

…Isn’t the new sign awesome?!?! And that’s just the sign! You should see the entire Teen Zone, which now includes some very cool tables and chairs, along with all your favorite books, magazines, and graphic novels…and some brand new ones!

And we thought…you know, as long as we were renovating…we’d totally update the blog. You might have noticed that Once Upon a Blog has a brand new look–along with a brand new name! That’s right, Once Upon a Bloggers, you are now officially Bits and Bramblers.

But we’ve had enough renovating for now (and to be honest, we’re still a little dizzy from the paint fumes.) Anyway, we’re not planning on changing anything else. So that means we’ll keep bringing you cool websites. And tell you about awesome books, movies, and TV shows. And cool contests, and library programs. And we’ll even try and help you with your homework! Basically…we’re all about helping you out, and keeping you entertained.

Now…I hope you can forgive us for being gone so long. But really, how could you not ?! Especially with all the cool stuff we’ve got in store for you! So stay tuned, and don’t go anywhere, Bits and Bramblers…’cause we’re planning on being around for a long time!

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