Back to…*sigh…*

Labor Day is officially over, Bits and Bramblers. Which means, I guess, summer is over, too. And you know those first few days of school, where you get to see a lot of people you didn’t see over the summer, and it’s kind of fun? Well…those are over, too. *sigh*

Okay, so…now that I’ve completely depressed you, I’ll give you some good news. It’s LIBRARY CARD SIGN-UP MONTH! You know what that means, right? Well, let me put it in Back-to-School terms for you. Haaaaaaaave you used our Research Databases? Here’s a few reasons why you might want to start…

  • Have a book report due? If you have a library card, you can use our awesome literature and biography databases from the comfort of your very own home.
  • Science homework got you down? You can find everything from tutorials to science fair project ideas with our science databasesif you have your library card.
  • Need recent magazine and newspaper articles about a particular topic? If you have your library card, try EBSCOHost…you’ll find everything you need and more!

…See where I’m going with this, Bits and Bramblers? Even though going back to school is totally depressing, having your library card will help. Not only can you access these databases, don’t forget about our books and DVDS (and, you know…your favorite librarians.) We’re totally here for you—and everything is that much better if you have your library card.

And speaking of your favorite librarians…it probably goes without saying that we love our library cards. In fact, we love them SO MUCH, we took our picture with them. Check it out!