Okay…so you have exactly eight days to complete the Teen Summer Reading Program. That’s a little over a week to read 1,000 pages, win an $8 Target gift card, and have your name entered into our grand-prize drawing to win an iPod.

Don’t worry. You can do it.

In fact, you can knock off 262 pages by checking out Son of the Mob, by Gordon Korman. The title is kind of self-explanatory, but it’s really the kind of thing you have to read to believe. Seriously, this book has it all—the FBI, the Mob, horrible first dates, vending machines, and head lice. What’s not to love?

Check out our book trailer…then head to the library, grab Son of the Mob, and READ IT NOW! Seriously…you can win fabulous prizes, but you’re running out of time!

I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream…

…but we have a good reason. After all, it’s National Ice Cream Month! Not that you really needed another reason to eat ice cream (I mean, it’s been 90° or higher for…um ever. It feels like a very long time, anyway.) The point is, it’s hot, so…why not celebrate?

The good news is, we have plenty places to get ice cream around here. There’s always the Dairy Queen (who can turn down a Health Bar Blizzard?) and Cold Stone Creamery (because who doesn’t love a good Mud Pie Mojo?) Or you could head to Ontario and go to The Warrior (you can order online! How great is that?!) You can also visit Thorton’s What’s the Scoop?, Sweet Memories, or Wizard’s…there are tons of places to help you celebrate National Ice Cream Month.

Then again…you could always buy a carton at the store (two words: Cherry. Garcia.) Or, if you have some ice and a few plastic bags, you can make your own…


So Bits and Bramblers…are you Green Teens? Do you recycle, and worry about your carbon footprint? Don’t worry, this isn’t going to turn into some lecture about saving the world (although, it’s not really a bad idea. The saving the world part, I mean. And the recycling part. And the carbon footprint thing. Not so much the lecturing part.)

I’m really only asking because today’s READ IT NOW book—just like Flush—is all about the environment. See, Jenna Levison is a proud member of the Green Teens, not to mention a proud vegetarian and conservationist. But when her summer plans suddenly change, she ends up spending the summer with her Godmother Susie’s family waaaaaaaaay up in Stillwater, British Columbia (Canada.) Stillwater’s a lot different than New Jersey…and Jenna starts to figure out there’s a lot more to nature than she thought.

So watch our book trailer, then check out Boys, Bears, and a Serious Pair of Hiking Boots, by Abby McDonald, and READ IT NOW!

And then recycle, or plant a tree. Just because you can…

Go on. Embrace Your Inner Geek!

I have some quick questions, Bits and Bramblers…are any of you, by any chance, big fans of Star Wars? Or Star Trek? Or Harry Potter? Are you crazy about vampires, or do you own every album by a certain band? Are you maybe a big fan of…well, one of the billions of things that make this world awesome?

Let me give you a hint—these are all yes or no questions. Not “Yeah, but I haven’t read/watched/listened to it in awhile,” or “Yeah, but I’m not like…a geek about it, or anything.” That is the wrong answer. Especially today…because July 13th is Embrace Your Inner Geekiness Day!

So…what’s the best way to celebrate? I’m not really sure. I mean, clearly, all celebrations should involve cake, but…other than that? I’m not sure. I think the title of the day is sort of self-explanatory, really…just embrace your inner geek! Watch your favorite movie, reread your favorite book, listen to your favorite album…even if you’ve done it a gagillion times before!

And in true geek fashion…pass it on! Tell your friends how much you geek out over certain things, and maybe they’ll start geeking out over them too! (Case in point: m my geeky secret, Bits and Bramblers. is that I’m a HUGE fan of the old show, Mystery Science Theater 3000. I don’t know what it is about robot puppets making fun of terrible movies, but it makes me laugh every time. And now I’ve gotten one of my friends hooked, too! Soooooo many YouTube videos and DVDS!)

But most of all, just celebrate being a geek. Remember…there’s nothing wrong with being geeky. It’s a good , really, so…why not make it an everyday thing?! Be as geeky as you want to be…and be PROUD OF IT! Follow the lead of the Vlog Brothers…and become a NERDFIGHTER!


Here’s a great summer book, Bits and Bramblers…it’s called Flush. It’s written by Carl Hiaasen, who wrote Hoot (which, by the way, is also an awesome movie.)

It’s all about Noah Underwood, and his family. His Dad, Paine, is a passionate environmentalist. Paine is sure that the Coral Queen, a casino boat, is dumping it’s raw sewage right into the ocean. He’s so sure, he tries to sink the boat.

Yeah…things go a little crazy from there. So check out our book trailer, and then find out what happens to Noah and his family by READING FLUSH NOW!!!!


Look, Bits and Bramblers…I’ve been talking about the Teen Summer Library Program for exactly one month now. I figure most of you have registered, read 1000 pages, gotten and spent your $8 Target Gift Card, and your name has already been entered in our GRAND PRIZE DRAWING to WIN AN iPOD.

But just in case haven’t done any of those things, I won’t make you feel bad about it by saying things like, “What do you mean you’re not signed up?! I’ve been talking about it for like a whole month now!”

I will use math to impress you, though. And even though it’s mean and just plain wrong to think about math in the middle of summer, THIS IS THE KIND OF MATH THAT GETS YOU FREE STUFF. So it’s the BEST. MATH. EVER. Check it out…

Psssssssssshhhhh! Whiiiiiirrrrruuuuulllll! BOOOOOOOM!!!!

…Those are my fireworks sounds. They’re better when they…you know…aren’t in print. The fireworks sounds are totally necessary, though, since it’s almost the Fourth of July!

Here’s some trivia for you…did you know 66 million people say that they attended a barbeque/cookout the previous Fourth of July? Seriously…66 million?! That’s a lot of food, right?!

And speaking of food…are you one of the 66 million that’s probably having a cook out this year? If so, do you know what you’re fixing for all your red, white, and blue wearing guests? I mean, your burgers and your hot dogs only get you so far. You need other stuff, too. So why not get all American about it? I mean…it is Independence Day, right? You could make Mrs. Truman’s Mac and Cheese (FYI, “Oleo” just means margarine,) Mamie Eisenhower’s “Million Dollar” Fudge (the recipe calls for “nutmeats!” I don’t know what that means either!) or even George Washington’s Cranberry Pudding (it only has two sticks of butter in it, after all. Miss Paula would be proud!)

Or, you could find another great American Recipe—you could even try something super simple like Crispy Crunchers or Earthquakes. Because what’s not to love about peanut butter, Rice Krispies, or Jell-O? (Not all together, though. That would be bad.)

Whatever you decide to do, Bits and Brambelers, I hope you have a great day filled with food, fun, and FIREWORKS!