If you like to read and you like free stuff, check out the authors’ blogs that we have listed in our blogroll. Or look for your favorite author’s blog and find out what they’ve been up to.

Teen authors are some of the friendliest and most generous people on the planet. They love talking to teens and they seem to enjoy giving away stuff like signed books, posters etc.   Lauren Myracle has a contest going on right now to publicize her new book “Peace, Love and Baby Ducks.” If you go to her website, you can sign up and start participating in her daily challenges. You’ll also get a sneak peak at the book and meet other fans of Lauren.

If you follow an author’s blog you also might find out when they might be coming to a bookstore or library near you. Imagine getting to meet your favorite author, assuming you have one, and hearing them read from their books and maybe sign a copy of their book for you. In my world (dorkville) it doesn’t get much better!

Most teen author’s also seem to love to get feedback from their fans or critics. If you really loved a book–tell the author. Or if you hated something in a book, like the ending or a character or something, that author probably wants to know. Awhile ago I read a book called “Ghost Medicine” by Andrew Smith. I liked the book, but on my GoodReads site I said that I thought the language that the teen main character used was kind of phony. He just didn’t really sound like any of the teenage boys that I know. Anyway, a few days later I had a comment on my site and the author had contacted me about my views. He thanked me and offered to send me a copy of his next book! Awesome!

While you’re searching for some cool author blogs, take a peek at this clip from one of my favorite bloggers John Green