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Teaching Materials February 2009

Attention Deficit Disorder: Helping Students Cope
371.94 A883 DVD
Helps in identifying signs and symptoms of ADD and gives tips for managing ADD-related behavior for classroom results.

Positive Teacher Talk for Better Classroom Management
j371.1022 D569
by Deborah Diffily and Charlotte Sassman
Offers strategies for supporting young children’s development and learning through the use of positive language, and includes hundreds of tips.

Teaching Library Skills in Middle and High School
027.8223 G239
by Linda Garrett and JoAnne Moore
44 Lesson plans for teaching library skills, and a detailed and extensive research process plan that teaches students how to integrate their research skills by writing a term paper.

Measuring Up: What Educational Testing Really Tells Us
371.26 K84
by Daniel Koretz
A clear exploration of the complex world of educational testing, showing what tests do well, what their limits are, how tests and scores can be oversold or misunderstood, and how they can be used to discover how much kids have learned.

Research-Based Reading Lessons: Grades 4-6
j372.416 M161
By Maureen McLaughlin, Amy Homeyer, and Jennifer Sassaman
24 Comprehensive lessons for word study, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension, based on award-winning, pre-teen literature. Provides a graduated instructional framework that allows teachers to design their own lessons around texts of their own choosing.

New Essentials for Teaching Reading in PreK-2
j372.41 M823
By Paula Moore and Anna Lyon
Explains how teachers can enhance instructional contexts already in use—read-alouds, shared reading, and guided reading—so that young children begin building the comprehension, vocabulary and fluency skills they need right from the start.

More Units of Instruction for Gifted Learners
j371.95 M836
Connie Simons, Sonia Hood, et al.
Classroom-tested, interdisciplinary units that will challenge and engage students while building and reviewing skills in math, science, language arts, and social studies.

How to Handle Difficult Parents: A Teacher’s Survival Guide
371.103 T588
By Suzanne Tingley
Practical advice for teacher on handling difficult parents, providing an array of strategies and how to use them in specific situations.