October Craft Fall Wall Hanging

Burlap 7”x14”
Large-eyed needle
Sticks, beads, twine
Feathers, small pinecones, acorn tops, pine needles,
grasses, feathers, etc.

  1. Fray the sides of burlap by pulling long vertical threads from edges.  Keep the threads.
  2. Fold top of burlap over stick.  Baste-stitch with a thread of burlap.
  3. Randomly pull out burlap threads horizontally.
  4. Weave nature elements in and out of vertical threads where you have pulled the threads out.
  5. Tie beads, and nature elements to bottom edge.
  6. Tie a piece of twine to the ends of the stick for a hanger.

You can usually find a burlap bag to cut apart at a coffee shop for about a dollar.  All the rest of the items are free for the gathering.  Enjoy the beautiful Fall weather while gathering your supplies for this beautiful craft.

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