2011 Children’s Poetry Contest Winners!


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This year’s Children’s Poetry Contest Winners have been chosen! We received so many entries and they were all wonderful, so the judges had a rather difficult time choosing the winners! This year, we changed the rules just a little to allow for more winners, so instead of only three winners from grades 3 – 5, we opened the contest up to grades 1 and 2 and selected two winning poems (First and Second place) from each grade!

And without further ado, here are your winning poems!




First Place

First Grade Category


My Friend

By Alexis Bistline

Prospect Elementary


My friend loves

red and yellow roses

macaroni and cheese.


I love

white and purple blossoms

broccoli and cheese.


We are good friends.





Second Place

First Grade Category

My Mom

By Hadleigh Kime

St. Peter’s Elementary



My Mom

Dark hair, pretty

Playing, baking with us

I love her every day






First Place

Second Grade Category

Outside Fun

By Reese Vaught

Brinkerhoff Spanish Immersion


Slip and Slide

Slip and Slide

Bring your coat outside


Ice is slick

I will slip

Do a trick

Pants have ripped!




Second Place

Second Grade Category


By John Adams



As I was slipping,

my nose was dripping,

my pants might be ripping,

crackle crunch went the

snow as I was zipping

woosh, splat, ouch!





First Place

Third Grade Category


By Samuel Brandes

Clear Fork Schools


Vader is black,

Yoda is green,

When you meet the Emperor,

He breaks your spleen.


Chewbacca is brown

C-3PO is gold,

Yoda is small,

And very old.





Second Place

Third Grade Category


By Sylvia Taylor

Discovery School



Owls stay up at night,

basking in the moon’s bright light.

They turn their heads around and around,

moving swiftly, trying not to make a sound.

SWOOSH!  They swoop down,

very close to the ground.

Now it has a snack of mice.

Won’t that be nice?

Now it will sit in its nest

and finally get some rest.





First Place

Fourth Grade Category


By Jevin Litwiler



Through the thicket I can see,

Lying limp behind a tree,

A beautiful white-tailed deer.


I crept near to take a peek.

I was shocked, it looked so weak,

Eye so wide – full of fear.


In a trap, a bloody limb.

The situation looked so grim.

Pleadingly, it stared at me.


Gingerly, I took the trap away,

Secretly I hope that it would stay.

Instead, the deer ran – and was free.





Second Place

Fourth Grade Category

If I Were…Poem

By Kait Schuster

Discovery School


If I were an animal, I would be a cheetah because I’m fast and wild and crazy.

If I were a car, I would be a van because I like boxes.

If I were a sport, I would be soccer because I’m good at it…well sort of.

If I were a board game, I would be Operation because I like when people play me, and it would tickle me.

If I were a color, I would be blue because it’s my favorite.

If I were a book, I would be Goosebumps because I like scary stories like that.

If I were an ice cream flavor, I would be mint because I like the color green.

If I were a fruit, I would be kiwi because I love kiwi and the colors.

If I were a shape, I would be a heart because I like the way it’s written.





First Place

Fifth Grade Category


By Rebecca Gregg

Richland Academy School of Excellence



Under a shade tree reading

Mild mornings

Moonlight campfires

Evenings are longer

Relaxing outside

Time at the pool

Interesting insects invade

Making memories

Enjoying the fair





Second Place

Fifth Grade Category

All the Blues

By Emily Kanney

Plymouth-Shiloh Elementary



If you were blind and couldn’t see,

This is what blue is to me;

Baby blue is shy; baby blue won’t speak up,

But don’t mind her, true blue is where you want to be!

True blue is brave; true blue is a good friend,

Sky blue is free; sky blue flies like the birds and soars through the clouds,

Blue green is like the sea, it throws foam against your face,

But pardon blue green, it doesn’t mean harm,

Turquoise blue is shiny; it likes to show off,

Cadet blue, cadet blue is serious, don’t get caught by him!

Periwinkle, what a sight! So giggly, would never get into a fight,

Pacific blue, it has a sly side, watch out, it might just splash you!

Robin’s egg blue, it’s so fresh, it feels like spring all over again!

Now you know all the blues, don’t you think they really run the show?

They’ll accept you always, even if you can’t see, that’s definitely the way to be,

So pick on to be your friend, I’m sure they’ll all be true to you;

Even that baby blue!

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