February Parent Zone 2011

Celebrate Chinese New Year

New Year’s day as we know it has come and gone, but we’re just getting geared up to celebrate!  The Chinese New Year is arguably the biggest holiday celebrated among people of Chinese heritage.  Although it is celebrated in winter, it is often referred to as the spring festival because it ushers in the coming of spring.  Families get together, friends reunite, and celebrations of new life and new beginnings abound.

You can celebrate this year with your family by adopting some traditional activities, and by coming up with some new traditions of your own.

Some traditional activities include

  • Cleaning the house
  • Getting a haircut
  • Exchanging gifts
  • Watching fireworks or a parade (with a dragon, of course!)
  • Decorating with red and gold colors
  • Making and eating a favorite family meal
  • Getting together for a family reunion

Some new traditions could include

  • Looking at family photos
  • Making crafts like lanterns or origami envelopes
  • Cooking well-loved family recipe
  • Making a Chinese dragon puppet
  • Visiting friends and wishing luck in the new year
  • Figuring out in what year you were born on the Chinese Zodiac

Whatever you do to celebrate, may the best of luck be with you and your family during the upcoming year.  And may fook (the Chinese word for “fortune”) shine down upon us all.

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This Month’s Craft:  Noisemakers and Recycled Statues

Fun with bottlecaps

Crafting noisemakers and recycled statues is very simple and fun! You will need:

  • a sturdy stick from your yard, about a foot (12 inches) long
  • twine
  • plenty of bottlecaps
  • a soda can
  • various odds and ends to decorate your statue with
  • a glue gun (and an adult to help you with it!)
  • a nail to poke holes in the bottlecaps

Use your creativity!

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