Changes, Changes…

As you’ve probably noticed, the M/RCPL website ( has had a bit of a face-lift. A new look, better content organization, the ability to pay your fines online…all kinds of new things have happened! That being said, the Services for Children staff has made some changes to our web presence, expanding from just a couple of pages on the M/RCPL website to a virtual (get it?) plethora of new web pages all meant to provide you with useful information and a bit of entertainment.

First off is the Services for Children page, which you’ll find under the Family tab. This page now has some links which are new:  Perfect Picks, a link for the Children’s Department at Main Library, and Never A Dull Moment (our multimedia page).  All these pages are brand new, built for your information and enjoyment.

Perfect Picks is where you’ll find recommendations from the Services for Children staff.  Right now, we’re highlighting our favorite picture books from 2009-2010.  Next up, who knows?  It might be nonfiction, chapter books, crafts, children’s music…we have a lot of options!  If you visit Perfect Picks, you’ll see that the page is full of book covers.  Clicking on a book cover will bring up a frame window (a kind of window-within-a-window view) which will show you the staff member that chose the book and give you the reason why they like that particular book.  Each Services for Children staff member picked two books, so click away!  There are so many great books on this page!

The Children’s Department at Main Library page has a lot of information on it, most importantly a monthly schedule of Storytimes and programs so you know what we’ve got going on.  If you want to know what a branch location is doing during the month, check their site (scroll to the bottom of the page), pick up a copy of ATL (At The Library, which has programming info for the entire M/RCPL system), or call your branch and ask.  We’ve also posted on this web page some of our favorite photos from our two monthly programs, Third Thursdays and Marvelous Mondays.  If you’re not familiar with these ongoing programs, please give us a call or stop in and ask – we always love seeing new faces at these two very popular events!

And finally, our multimedia page, Never A Dull Moment, was just launched today and we are so excited!  If you’re looking for new children’s books (and when I say new, I mean brand new), check out the very cool videos we’ve made featuring new picture books, nonfiction, and chapter books for kids!  You’ll also find lists of the books shown in each video on the multimedia page, with the titles of the books linked to our online catalog so you can instantly see where the book or books you’re looking for are available.  This web page also has great photos of children’s programs taken from all over the M/RCPL system  – proof positive, if you haven’t been to one of our programs, that the Services for Children staff knows how to have a good time and get kids interested in the library and reading.

So please, hop on over to Mansfield/Richland County Public Library’s new website and check out all the changes we’ve made – and feel free to make suggestions or comments!

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