October Parent Zone 2010

Hobbies for the Fun of It

As busy as many families are these days, it may be difficult to encourage productive activities for your children in their down time.  Certainly we want our kids to have fun, but we also want them to learn and be engaged.

Sometimes kids need something to do just for fun or when they’re bored.  Enjoying a hobby can be a great way to spend a lazy afternoon.  It’s important to let your child to make his own hobby choice, though.

So what do kids like to do?  There is so much more for your children to consider than lounging around playing video games.

Lessons to consider include music, art, swimming, karate, dance or gymnastics.  Other good choices could include theatre or drama, astronomy, hiking, fishing, creative writing or poetry, knitting or crochet, cooking, horticulture, or drawing and painting.  The possibilities really are limitless.

Find someone in your community who can mentor your child in whichever area is right for him.  A piano teacher, a jujitsu instructor, or a ballet teacher may know exactly how to help direct and develop your child’s budding talent.  A gymnastics teacher or horseback riding instructor may know how best to harness your son’s excess energy.

Whether your child wants to dance, participate in music or theatre, or write, find ways for her to develop her creative side.  Just don’t feel too bad if she keeps finding new things to enjoy.  Eventually she’ll figure out what interests her most—and she’ll have fun at the same time.

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The Gardening Book by Jane Bull

Amazing Magic Tricks: Beginner Level by Norm Barnhart

Drawing and Sketching by Deri Robins

10 Cool Lego Mindstorms: Dark Side Robots, Transports, and Creatures:
[amazing project you can build in under an hour] by Kevin Clague

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Easy Origami by Mary Meinking

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Kids Collect: Amazing Collections for Fun, Crafts and Science Fair Projects
by Dan Hubley and Mary Hubley

Craft of the Month:  Nature Sculptures!

Go outside and find anything interesting–twigs, leaves, nuts, berries, feathers, and construct a work of art!  Make a face, a building, a vehicle, or anything else your imagination can come up with! Use glue, glitter, and sequins to complete your masterpiece.




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