Random Book Sighting!

It’s time for another Random Book Sighting!  This one was spotted by Miss Caroline from Main and she wanted to share this really great picture book with everyone:

Wanted: The Perfect Pet, by Fiona Roberton

Here’s what she had to say:

While the story itself is cute and fun, the illustrations are what make this book quite irresistible.  Simple line drawings accented by bits of color complement the writing style, which is equally simple.

Here we have a boy who wants more than anything (even more than world peace) to have a dog, because it’s common knowledge “that a dog is The Perfect Pet for a boy.”  So says Henry himself.  We also have a duck; a very lonely duck with no name and no one to share the sun rising, the sun floating around in the middle, and the sun setting.  And when Henry posts an ad in the newspaper for a dog, duck cleverly creates The Perfect Disguise, packs his things and goes off to find the boy.

In the end, when Henry discovers that the duck really is not a dog, he thinks for a while and then makes a list of reasons why this particular duck might have the necessary skills for being a pet, including the fact that duck is handy at disguises.  So the duck is named Spot, and Henry has The Perfect Pet after all.

This would be a perfect book for reading aloud, but be sure to save time to point out all the details that you might miss the first time through.  Look for repeated requests for this one, from young and old alike.

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