June Parent Zone 2010

June Parent Zone 2010

Which Sport is Right for Your Kid?

When it comes to sports and children, realize that not all kids love to play soccer; nor do they all want to be the star quarterback.  Organized sports aid kids in building essential social and motor skills in addition to laying the foundation for active lifestyles.

Options abound when it comes to getting children involved in sports that are right for them.  How can you determine which sport is right for your child?

Ask yourself these questions:

  • What is my child interested in?  Does she want to stick with one sport, or participate in several seasonal ones?
  • What can I afford in time, money, and commitment?
  • What is the coach’s philosophy?  Do we share the same values and beliefs about sports?  Does this coach enjoy working with athletes at my child’s level?
  • Do all the kids in the program appear to be having fun?  Are they all involved?
  • Am I comfortable with the parents of the children who participate?
  • Is the equipment and location safe?  What procedures are followed if my child is injured?

No matter where a child’s interests lie, organized sports can not only assist in development, but spark the imagination and build a lifelong love for activity.  Everybody wins.

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Shawn Sheep the Soccer Star by Erin Mirabella

Let’s Play Football! by Jan Mader

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Swish! by Bill Martin Jr. & Michael Sampson

Salt in His Shoes: Michael Jordan in Pursuit of a Dream by Deloris Jordan

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Racing to the Rainbow by The Wiggles
Recommended Song: # 16 Huddle, Huddle, Huddle Along (The Football Song)

Dora the Explorer
Recommended Song: #39 Baseball Baseball, Fun in the Sun


Third Thursdays

Pocket Plots

Grow a miniature garden that fits in the palm of your hand.  Take the lid off a tub or jar and sow some seeds in it.  Create a miniature landscape complete with stone paths, pond, trees and lawn.  Fill the container with potting soil and put grass seed where you want your lawn.  Add a bottle cap for a pond and arrange small rocks, shells, beach glass, pine cones, and any other mini decorations to your garden plot.  Water and keep moist.  The grass seed will sprout in a few days and when it grows too tall you can cut the lawn with scissors.  Enjoy!

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