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I know we haven’t had a Random Book Sighting in a while, it’s been crazy lately at the library!  There are fewer and fewer days left in the school year, the weather is warmer, the trees are bursting with leaves, the gardens are starting to explode with color…it’s all such a wonderful and welcome change!  And like the changing of the seasons, the transition into busier times at the library means less and less time for the staff to update our blogs!  But we do try!

I’ve been wanting to highlight this book for some time, so while this is a random book sighting, I am familiar with it as well.  I can say it’s random because I’ve never used it in a storytime or program but I will admit to reading it a few time and delighting in its delectable rhymes and giggle-worthy illustrations.

The Pout-Pout Fish

By Deborah Diesen

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This is one of my new favorite picture books in the library’s collection!  It’s positive message, great illustrations, and hysterical rhymes all add together to make a truly great book for kids.

Deep in the water,
Mr. Fish swims about
With his fish face stuck
In a permanent pout.

Can his pals cheer him up?
Will his pout ever end?
Is there something he can learn
From an unexpected friend?

A good kids’ book with humor can by silly and fun, but the best ones either make the kids laugh until they fall over just because they can, or they can have a positive message.  The Pout-Pout Fish does a little of both, more of the latter, but I dare you to read it and not smile.

“Younger kids will love the repetition of the verses in this tale of a pout-pout fish.” —TIME magazine, from its Top 10 Childrens’ Books of 2008 List
“Winning artwork…Hanna’s cartoonish undersea world swims with hilarious bug-eyed creatures that ooze personality” —Kirkus Reviews

“Appealing…the cartoon illustrations of undersea life are bright and clean and the protagonist’s exaggerated expressions are entertaining.” —School Library Journal
And best of all, the book trailers for this picture book are gut-busting!  Check out my personal favorite:

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