2010 Children’s Poetry Contest Winners!

The judges deliberated over all the great entries we had in this year’s Children’s Poetry Contest, and we now have 3 winners!  Congratulations to these 3 young poets!

1st Place


By Rebekah Moore


3rd Grade

The wind was crackling, crack, crunch.

The thunder went boom-bam!

The sky lit up with a glow of lightning.

It was scary.

Boom, boom!

The thunder made a shake in the sky.

I was scared.

I hugged my mom and dad.

The lightning stopped.

The clouds went away.

There was just a bit of rain.

Drip, drip,


2nd Place

“The Green Thumb Knight”

By Jevin Litwiler


3rd Grade

I am the mighty “green thumb” knight.

I know gardening is a constant fight.

I’m equipped bravely with a trowel

To dig up grubs that are foul.

I also hate the moles

Who dig those bothersome holes.

My evidence is a mound

That isn’t level with the ground.

I’m tired of the slimy slugs.

They’re worse than all the other bugs.

Come out to devastate at night;

Hiding when the sun is bright.

Everywhere you look – a pest!

They never seem to take a rest.

If you battle insects and weeds,

I can help you with your needs.

Armed with safe, nontoxic spray,

I’ll be over right away.

3rd Place

“Where I’m From”

By Ann Marie Hill

St. Peter’s Elementary

5th grade

I am from divorced parents.

I am from Deshner’s once a month and chasing my sister through stores

I am from southern cooking with my dad and Irish with my mom

I am from reading a whole nine hundred page book in three days

I am from “Don’t strangle your sister” and “Go play with your cousins”

I am NOT from vampires but I wish I was.

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