Frankenstein takes the cake

Frankenstein takes the cakeby Adam Rex.
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No one ever said it was easy being a monster. Take Frankenstein, for instance: He just wants to marry his undead bride in peace, but his best man, Dracula, is freaking out about the garlic bread. Then there’s the Headless Horseman, who wishes everyone would stop drooling over his delicious pumpkin head. And can someone please tell Edgar Allan Poe to get the door already before the raven completely loses it? Sheesh.
In a wickedly funny follow-up to the bestselling Frankenstein Makes a Sandwich, Adam Rex once again proves that monsters are just like you and me. (Well, sort of.)

Publishers Weekly

With maniacal glee, Rex (Frankenstein Makes a Sandwich) delivers spot-on rhymes about B-movie monsters, loosely organized around the nuptials of Frankenstein and his bride. An oil painting of the wedding cake is as creamy as a Wayne Thiebaud confection, and an author bio in haiku silences quibblers: “He knows Frankenstein’s/ the doctor, not the monster/ Enough already.” In a digital comics sequence, Frankenstein’s mother-in-law frets over her daughter’s resurrection and engagement (“I’m an open-minded person…. but I never thought my little girl would marry someone green. There, I said it”); later, the Bride questions her betrothed but decides, “I’m not getting any less dead.” Rex’s ideal audience may be pop-culture buffs: he spoofs Peanuts with a vampiric Charlie Brown; plans the Frankensteins’ reception menu around monsters’ food allergies (no garlic for Dracula); sets up the Headless Horseman’s photo blog on the tribulations of having a pumpkin head; and creates a running gag about “The Raven,” where a sarcastic bird mocks Edgar Allan Poe. Rex’s eclectic imagery and freewheeling verse will have readers going back for seconds. Ages 5-10. (Sept.)

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