Spring is on its way…

…and that means all kinds of exciting things are coming to the Library!

First, I have to ask–do you know that you can pick up the At The Library newsletter at any of MRCPL’s 9 locations?  At The Library (ATL) is a great way to get information about upcoming events for adults, teens, and children.  We always have great programs going on at the Library, but it seems like when spring is just around the corner, things kick up a notch!

You can always check the calendar on MRCPL’s home page (look to the right of the page under “M/RCPL Calendar” for a list of events, but we in the Children’s Dept. wanted to highlight some really great stuff coming up in March and April.  We’ve got programs for all ages, and as always, tons of fun!

Monthly programs for March and April include:

Tales for Tots, Sat. March 13th and April 10th @ 10:30
–Miss Caroline will be doing mystery books in March and weather books in April for the little ones, up to age 5.  Tales for Tots is on the second Saturday of every month and is always filled with great books, songs, and games for your tiny tots!  Please call 419-521-3130 to sign up for this great program!

Sit, Stay, & Read with Lilly! Sat. March 13th and 27th, and April 10th and 24th
–Lilly is a therapy dog who LOVES to be read to!  You can sign up for a 15-minute session and read any book you want to the wonderful Lilly.  Please call 419-521-3130 to sign up for a time slot!

Wii Wednesdays! Wed. April 14th from 4-5 pm
–Get your Wii game on during Wii Wednesdays!  Mario Kart, Wii Bowling, Wii Sports Resort…a different game every month!

Marvelous Mondays
Monday, March 15th, 22nd and April 5th, 12th, 19th, 26th @ 6:30 pm
–Marvelous Mondays is a special series of programs designed by Miss Melanie and Miss Amanda (that’s me!) just for kids ages 5 and up.  Each week is a different hands-on adventure that lets kids explore non-fiction topics through books, games, crafts and experiments.  The programs have been running since September and we see a lot of the same families come every Monday night to join in the fun!  Each month focuses on a different theme that is spread out over the Mondays in that month.

March:  Road Trip! Explore the United States!
March 15th–Sightsee the Sizzling South
March 22–East Coast Expedition
March 29th–Hawaii and Alaska, the 49th and 50th States

April:  Story Spinners!
April 5th–Book Lovers Ball
April 12th–Create Your Own Headline
April 19th–Not Just Your Average Poetry Reading
April 26th–Open-Mic Night

We have a blast at Marvelous Mondays and hope you’ll join us!  Call 419-521-3130 to sign up for a fabulous adventure!

March and April are also special months because March 22 is the beginning of the Annual Children’s Poetry Contest.  Last year saw some changes to the poetry contest, namely how the winners were announced.  Instead of simply calling the winners, their names were announced at the Poems to Make You Laugh Yourself Silly program and the poems were prominently displayed in the Children’s Department.  This year, we’re following the same format!

You can pick up an entry form at any Library location starting March 22.  Poems will be accepted through April 16th, and the winners will be announced at the Not Just Your Average Poetry Reading program on April 19th…..and that program is also a Marvelous Mondays night!  There are just a few guidelines for entering poems:  one page in length maximum, anyone in grades 3-5 can enter,  and we can’t return your poem to you, so please bring us a copy and not the original.

I personally cannot WAIT until the poetry contest and the Not Just Your Average Poetry Reading program!  You’ll see me, Miss Amanda, read and perform some great poems by Shel Silverstein, Jack Prelutsky, Collin McNaughton, and more!  I use all kinds of props and gags (and any crazy voice I can manage!) and it’s a fun night for all!

And, even better…you can have the chance to read your poem out loud for an audience!  Open-Mic Night on April 26th (also a Marvelous Monday!) is your shot to show off your crazy word skills and is a great way to get over any public-speaking jitters or stage fright!  And as always, please call to sign up for a slot!

One of my favorite Jack Prelutsky poems is “Bleezer’s Ice Cream” and I found this really funny video with Mr. Prelutsky himself reading the poem! Enjoy!

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