Crafting With Kids: Wrapped Vases

Crafting with Kids

This month’s craft comes from Miss Melanie at Main Library! Her recent program focused on wrapped vases. If you are looking for an easy, beautiful, and functional craft, this is it!


For this super-easy project, you will need a glass jar or vase, some string or twine, and craft glue. Then, all you do is glue the string around the bottle. It’s that easy! Find step-by-step photo instructions here.

You can also use ribbon, tissue paper, fabric, beads, bobbles, or other decorations to make your vase just how you like it. Here are some of the vases that were made at Miss Melanie’s program:

Wrapped Vases Collage

Once your vase is finished, you can fill it with glass beads, flowers, lights, or anything else that will fit, and put it on display. Wrapped vases make great decorations and centerpieces!

Finally, here are several more variations of this craft to explore:

Happy crafting!

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