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October brings us lots of things to celebrate (pumpkins, anyone?), but something we’re kind of excited about is that it’s Children’s Magazine Month!  Of course we have all the magazines you could ever want in the adult and teen areas, but many people may not know that we also have magazines for children as well as teacher resource magazines, including 5 different versions of the popular The Mailbox magazine, the go-to help for many teachers in the Services for Children department.

For the very youngest children, we offer Babybug, a smaller publication on heavier paper that has stories, poems, songs, and rhymes just right for sharing with a small child in a lap.  We’ve also got National Geographic Little Kids, which is full of cute baby animals, and Friends, which features many favorite television cartoon characters, that are great for the youngest children.  Moving up, we’ve got Highlights and Highlights High Five, full of fun stories and activities for younger school-age and preschool-age children, as well as Ladybug, Humpty Dumpty, Cricket, and Chickadee, that are perfect for younger children.

Finally, for the school-age crowd, we offer magazines about animals like National Geographic Kids, Zoobooks and Ranger Rick, and an assortment of magazines that focus on social studies and history like Appleseeds, Click, Faces, Cobblestone, and Kids Discover, all of which would be educational as well as entertaining.  We also have general publications like American Girl and Boys’ Life for kids, and we are happy to introduce a couple of new family cooking magazines, which include Chop Chop and Yum for Kids.  Another of our new publications includes WWE Kids, featuring pro wrestling, but we also have Sports Illustrated for Kids for those children who can’t get enough of any of the other sports out there.

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Do you think you can find something you’d like to bring home to your children?  We hope so!  All of our magazines check out for 2 weeks, with a limit of 10 per library card.  Come celebrate Children’s Magazine Month with us this October and see for yourself what great things we have to offer!

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