Happy Birthday, Steven Kellogg!

Author Birthday

Today is author and illustrator Steven Kellogg’s birthday!

The author and illustrator of more than 90 books for children, Mr. Kellogg is best known for his beloved characters Pinkerton, Clorinda, and Jimmy and his boa. The joy Mr. Kellogg felt while reading as a child is what inspired him to pursue a career in creating children’s books. He actually started dreaming up stories and illustrating them at a very early age!

Steven Kellogg Collage

Most of Mr. Kellogg’s stories come from his childhood thoughts and feelings. His favorite thing to write about and draw is animals. The Pinkerton books are based on a pet Great Dane of Mr. Kellogg’s, whose real name was Pinkerton! Even though Mr. Kellogg really enjoys creating books about animals, he also has published folk and fairy tales such as Johnny Appleseed, Paul Bunyan, and The Three Little Pigs, which is an especially enjoyable take on the classic version of the tale.

Mr. Kellogg likes to be able to provide readers with a great book full of eye-catching and recognizable illustrations. Illustrating is an intricate art that can convey feelings and ideas to the reader, and Mr. Kellogg takes his illustrations very seriously.

So help us celebrate this well-known author and illustrator’s birthday by reading one of his many books today! And be sure to watch for Mr. Kellogg’s newest illustrated story, The Green Bath, written by Margaret Mahy!

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