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The Land of Stories: The Wishing Spell by Chris Colfer
From Miss Jacqui at Lexington

What would happen if you could enter the world of the beloved stories you listened to or read as a child? In this story, Alex and Conner fall suddenly into the Land of Stories, a book of fairy tales, and encounter an adventure beyond their wildest imaginations.

Alex and Conner are two ordinary siblings, with a very sad past. When their father unexpectedly dies, they lose the one person in their lives who was able to cheer them up or help them with their problems by reading them a story. Therefore, they are very excited on their twelfth birthday when their grandmother gives them the book of fairy tales that their father used to read to them when they were young. However, they soon find out that this is no ordinary book! When Alex accidentally falls into the book, and Conner jumps in after her, the twins find themselves in a world that is both familiar and peculiar.

The characters that they have grown to love in the stories, are now dealing with what happens after Happily Ever After.” Goldilocks is a wanted fugitive, the big bad wolves are out for revenge, Cinderella is expecting her first child any day now, and the Evil Queen, who almost killed Snow White, has escaped her prison. Once they come face to face with some of the villains from their favorite stories, they become desperate to find a way back home. In order to return home, they must gather several ingredients (magical items) in order to perform The Wishing Spell. What is at first an adventurous scavenger hunt throughout the kingdoms in the book quickly becomes a race against time!

If you would like to read a story that has a different spin on your favorite fairy tale characters, yet also contains elements of suspense, adventure, and mystery, this is a great book to try. The author’s descriptive writing style helps the kingdoms and villages of the book come to life before the reader’s eyes. This book is easy to “fall into” because the author developed such a rich story and interesting characters which are easy to relate to. Although this book is geared towards children, I found it very enjoyable due to the imaginative and fantastical story filled with magic, humor, and adventure.

If you or your child enjoys fairy tales, check out The Land of Stories: The Wishing Spell from your local library, and fall into the magic of this book. The next one in the series, The Land of Stories: The Enchantress Returns, is available now.  Both titles are written by Chris Colfer (yes, the one on Glee!), who also has written a teen book called Struck by Lightning: The Carson Phillips Journal.

Thanks for a great review, Miss Jacqui!

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