Story Time Starter — Fire Trucks & Firefighters

Story Time Starter

This week is National Fire Safety Week (October 6-12), so we’ve got the perfect story time for you to use.  Children of all ages love big trucks, and especially fire trucks with the flashing lights and firefighters dressed in their gear.  In addition to simply sharing stories about fire trucks you can use stories to teach fire safety to even the youngest children.  All sorts of fire safety rules exist from within the home to being in the outdoors.  Teaching children to be careful and safe is important, and great stories can help.

We’ve got lots of stories about fire engines, firefighters, fire prevention, and fire safety, including fiction picture books like Fire Engine Man by Andrea Zimmerman and Dot the Firedog by Lisa Desmini, and non-fiction books like Firefighters in Our Community by Michelle Ames, and Fire Safety in Action by Marie Schuh.

Here’s a look at the rest of our recommended reads:

fire safety collage

Fire Safety Booklist (Word Document/.doc file)

Songs and rhymes are a nice addition to round out your story time.  Not only are they fun to sing or recite, but children can learn valuable information in a playful and engaging manner.

I’m a Little Fireman (tune: “I’m a Little Teapot”)
I’m a little fireman dressed in red
With my fire hat on my head
I can drive a fire truck, fight fires, too!
And I help make things safe for me and you!

The Fireman Song (tune: “The Farmer in the Dell”)
The firemen are brave,
The firemen are brave,
Heigh-ho what do you know,
The firemen are brave!

Down by the Station
Down by the station early in the morning
See the great big fire engines all in a row
Hear the noisy fire bell sound a loud alarm now
Chug, chug, glang, clang, off we go!

We’ve also got some music from our collection for you to use:

And last, but not least, there are so many great crafts out there to go along with your stories!  Here are some of our favorites:


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