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The month of October is set aside by the Computer Learning Foundation as Computer Learning Month! The Foundation uses this month to promote the importance of technology knowledge among children and to help educate teachers, parents, and community members on the effective use of technology.

In today’s world, computers and technology are a major part of every day life, from communications to classrooms, and everything in between! It is important that youth keep up with ever-evolving technology and stay familiar with different devices, programming, computer skills, and uses.

Computer Collage

Here at the library, we have many books to help promote computer learning, internet exploration, technology, and much more. Our Information Explorers series can help kids build a blog, make a podcast, find websites, and stay safe online. My First Computer Guides give kids the basic information for the internet, e-mail, and computers. And Cyberspace Survival Guides provides kids with tips and information about such things as cyberbullies and online privacy.

We also offer many databases through our website to help students with school projects, research, or just for fun! 

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