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Wow!  We’ve been so busy this last month, so after having a chance to catch our breath and take a look at some numbers, we’re pleased to say that our Summer Library Program (SLP) is, once again, a smashing success!

Here’s how it all breaks down for the main library and 8 branches in our system:  As of Tuesday afternoon (July 2nd), we’ve registered over 4,430 children for the SLP.  Those children have turned in thousands of reading records and have received thousands of prizes.  This week begins the 5th week, the first week that children can finish their reading and visiting, and pick their free prize book for completion of the program.

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While we don’t have the total number of minutes read yet, we will have that information at the end of the program.  Not every child that signs up actually finishes, but each child needs to complete 5 reading records, with are worth 105 minutes apiece.  We’ll just say that that is potentially a lot of minutes of reading being done this summer!

In addition to the reading, each branch has had numerous programs and performers drawing in hundreds (if not thousands) of customers to the cool (and dry!) library locations across the county.  The first performer was Chip Richter, and he presented a family concert full of music and audience participation.  The second performer was Mike Hemmelgarn, a comedian, juggler, and ventriloquist all rolled into one.  Last week we enjoyed Mark Wood, a cowboy magician, who garnered many laughs from the crowds of young children in the audience.


The next few weeks bring us more programs and performers, including Jungle Terry and his animal friends, West African drumming with Sogbety Diomande, and local magician Dave Lehman.  If you haven’t stopped in yet, don’t worry: it’s not too late.  Our SLP runs through July 27th, so be sure to visit your local library location and sign up for some fun this summer!

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