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Judy Moody and the Bad Luck Charm by Megan McDonald
From Miss Sarah at Bellville

The eleventh and latest book from the Judy Moody Series is Judy Moody and the Bad Luck Charm by Megan McDonald.  Judy Moody is an eccentric third grader who always seems to find adventure and mischief wherever she goes.  Judy even has her own lingo for example, “Rare!” means you are impressed by something and basically a good substitute for the word “Wow!”  “Same-same” is what Judy says to someone she shared something in common with.  Judy also enjoys saying “or something” which means whatever.  James Moody aka Stink is Judy’s little brother who is in second grade and loves to smell things.  Stink even has his own series which includes eight books so far.

In Judy Moody and the Bad Luck Charm, Judy gets a lucky penny which she made in one of those souvenir penny machines at Mt. Trashmore with her Grandma Lou.  Judy is out to eat with her parents, grandma and Stink when she plays the claw machine game and wins three animals in a row thanks to her lucky penny.  Judy’s luck continues when she finds seven marshmallows in her Lucky Os cereal plus two of the horseshoe marshmallows were stuck together which is extra lucky.  Later on that day, Judy goes to Jessica Finch’s birthday party and bowls three strikes in a row which is called a turkey unknown to Judy.

Judy Moody and the Bad Luck Charm

Mr. Todd, Judy’s teacher, announces to the class that they are going to have a spelling bee and the winner gets to go to Washington D.C. to compete in a spelling bee.  Spelling is not Judy’s forte so rather than studying, Judy plans on using her luck to win the spelling bee.  Judy goes to the restroom before the spelling bee and ends up dropping her lucky penny in the toilet.  She fishes it out but loses the spelling bee to Jessica Finch.  Judy figures her penny has lost its luck and gives it to Stink instead.  Jessica Finch asks Judy to watch her pet pig PeeGee WeeGee.  Judy agrees to watch PeeGee WeeGee only after she finds out that she gets to go to Washington D.C. too because Jessica is staying at a pet friendly hotel.

Stink and the rest of Judy’s family travel to Washington D.C. which Judy calls the district of cool and visit all the sights including the Lincoln Memorial, Washington Monument and Frederick Douglass’ house.  Judy’s family goes out to eat with Jessica and her parents and while Judy is quizzing Jessica on her spelling words, she accidently drops her meatball on her list which creates a huge stain.  Then Judy leaves Jessica’s list at the restaurant, and she has to hurry back and retrieve which causes a giant fight between the two of them.  Judy says she is going to emancipate from Jessica and spells it out for her.  The next day Jessica brings Judy her pig to babysit along with the help of Stink.  While Jessica is at the spelling bee, Stink and Judy decide to give PeeGee WeeGee a bath which makes him super slippery and hard to catch when he escapes out of the hotel room.  The story has an agreeable ending which most children would find amusing.

Overall, children and adults would find this delightful tale as Judy would put it “non-boring.”  Judy is a lovable character which children can relate to thus making it more meaningful to them.  The story will give the reader a fun experience that he or she can share with others.  I discussed this book with the third graders at Bellville Elementary and they seemed genuinely interested in reading it.  This story is a great summer read that kids can use towards earning prizes and a free book during our Summer Library program: Dig into Reading.  Stop by any M/RCPL location to sign up.

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