Crafting With Kids — Grass Heads

Crafting with Kids

This month’s craft from Miss Melanie will get everyone in the mood for spring! Grass grows in everyone’s yard but did you know you can also grow it inside? But why would you want to? Because you can turn it into your very own Grass Head!

Spring 2013 266

Using supplies from around the house and some grass seed, you can easily start your own Grass Head.

What you need:

  • An old pair of pantyhose (Miss Melanie used knee-highs)
  • Grass seed
  • Sawdust or potting mix (Miss Melanie used potting soil)
  • A small plastic container to put the grass head in

To make your grass head, cut several inches off the toe end of the pantyhose. This will be the head of your grass head. Put a couple teaspoons (or more) of grass seed in the toe and add plenty of sawdust or potting soil on top. Pack the soil down and tie a knot in the open end of the pantyhose. You will want to leave about an inch beyond the knot–if you have more, trim it.

Spring 2013 232

You can also decorate your grass head with beads, buttons, and felt. Miss Melanie used pins to attach buttons, felt, and large sequins to her grass head to make a face. Place your grass head in the empty plastic container with the knot in the bottom. Fill the container with plenty of water and place it on a sunny windowsill or somewhere it will get a lot of sunlight.

Spring 2013 230

Now the hardest part–waiting for the grass to grow! It will take several days but little green shoots should start sprouting out the top of the grass head. Be sure to check the water content every day and keep your grass head really moist so it will grow.

Growing Grass Head Collage edit

Once your grass head grows a fine head of hair, you can play barber and give it a trim! Don’t worry if you cut it too short though–it will always grow back.

Check out some of the other grass heads made during Miss Melanie’s Grass Heads program!

Grass Heads Collage

Here’s an alternative to this project using an eggshell. Or try a super simple project option for preschoolers.

Happy crafting!

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