Book Review: The Black Rabbit

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The Black Rabbit by Philippa Leathers
From Miss Terry at Main Library

Rabbit steps out of his home into a beautiful sunny morning only to find a big black rabbit that follows him everywhere he goes. No matter what Rabbit tries, running, hiding, even swimming, he cannot seem to escape the big black rabbit! Finally, he runs into the deep dark woods where he seems to be safe only to find trouble of another kind. As he waits for the worst to happen, Rabbit finds that some troubles aren’t nearly as bad as you think.

The Black Rabbit'
This fun picture book uses a simple science concept to take a look at being afraid.

You can find The Black Rabbit in our catalog. If you are looking for a book about being afraid, we also have Let’s Talk About Being Afraid by Anna Kreiner. Or check out Follow It! Learn About Shadows by Pamela Hall.

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