2013 Children’s Poetry Contest Winners

Poetry Flower 2

Congratulations to this year’s winners of our annual Poetry Contest!

April is National Poetry Month.  For many years now, we’ve sponsored a poetry contest and have had some awesome poems turned in. We want to thank everyone who submitted an original poem this year! There were many great entries–it was a task to choose just a few winners!

We chose three winners from each of our two age categories (grades 1 – 3 and grades 4 – 5). Each of the winning poems are displayed at Main Library in the Children’s Department. If you can, stop by to check out the winners’ original poems–a few include original artwork as well!

Here are our 2013 winners!

Grades 1 – 3 Category

First Place

Caden Stewart
2nd Grade
Foundation Academy


Dinosaurs Dinosaurs
listen how they roar,
Dinosaurs Dinosaurs
watch how they soar,
Dinosaurs Dinosaurs
listen how they stomp,
Dinosaurs Dinosaurs
watch how they chomp.


Grades 1 – 3 Category

Second Place

Molly Bradbury
3rd Grade
Lexington Central

I Like, I Love

I like sweets
I love treats
I like fun
I love the sun
I like nooks
I love books
I like and love my library,
‘Cause I think it’s extraordinary


Grades 1 – 3 Category

Third Place

Alexia Gerber
3rd Grade
Mansfield Spanish Emersion


Beautiful Sweet
Waving Blooming Dropping
Pleasant rainbows in the meadow.
Flying Hiding Surprising
Billowing Adorable


Grades 4 – 5 Category

First Place

Grace Maurer
5th Grade
St. Peter’s Elementary

lightning strikes,
hits the ground,
lights the sky,
all around.
Lights the sky,
strikes the tree,
sends electricity.
River flows,
for the deer,
and the bee.
Grass is my blanket,
and home for the insects,
I can look at the stars,
and lay on the ground.
Tree is the home of my friends,
birds, squirrels, owls, raccoons
climb the tree,
the fun never ends.
Rain waters my friends,
the trees, flowers and grass,
leaving dew and the ground,
the sun makes it look like glass.
Sun lights the way of the earth,
glimmering in the day,
the big ball of fire,
sets during the night.


Grades 4 – 5 Category

Second Place

Olivia Togliatti
5th Grade
St. Peter’s


The Silent Woods

Leaves glide to the ground.
All is quiet
Except for the sound of birds chirping,
Talking amongst each other.
The river splashes against the sharp rocks,
Sounding peaceful and active.
The sly fox hides behind a bush
Waiting for something to come.
The wise owl spies from its tree,
The lone wolf howls at the bright full moon.
Although the woods may seem silent,
Everything within it is lively and beautiful.


Grades 4 – 5 Category

Second Place

Ethan Schmitz             
4th Grade


Chameleons are fun.
Chameleons are neat.
They’re the coolest lizards
you ever could meet.

They have amazing eyes
like telescopes.
Their interesting tails
look like ropes.

Their tongue is like a suction cup
so they can catch their prey.
Birds, mice, insects, frogs
should get out of the way.

I really like chameleons,
mostly for their colors:
Purple, orange, blue, green…
along with many others.

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