Happy Birthday, Lois Lowry!


Today is author Lois Lowry‘s birthday!

Possibly best known for her Newbery Award winning titles The Giver and Number the Stars, Ms. Lowry was born 76 years ago today in Hawaii. She wanted to write from an early age–writing is what she liked best in school. When she grew up, Ms. Lowry wanted to write books for adults, and even published a couple textbooks. Someone suggested she write children’s books, and she decided to give it a try. This undertaking, along with her love of writing stories and poems in her childhood, turned into more than 30 published children’s books!

Lois Lowry Collage

Did you know that Ms. Lowry likes photography and bridge, and she enjoys knitting, traveling, and reading in her spare time? If you were to visit her, you may find her at her desk writing but she would stop to share tea with you and chat. Many of Ms. Lowry’s books are based on her personal experiences while others are based on ideas. However, all of her books focus on the importance of human connections.

Even though many of Ms. Lowry’s books are about serious topics, she infuses humor and fun into some, such as in her Anastasia Krupnik series. People label some of Ms. Lowry’s books as science fiction but she doesn’t consider herself a sci-fi writer. She writes to convey to others what she feels about the world and how humans are connected. So what inspires Ms. Lowry to write?

“I write books because I have always been fascinated by stories and language, and because I love thinking about what makes people tick. Writing a story… The Giver or any other… is simply an exploration of the nature of behavior: why people do what they do, how it affects others, how we change and grow, and what decisions we make along the way. Added to that, I love the process of finding the right rhythm of words, and then putting it all together, finally, to make a book.
(Taken from Lois Lowry Interview Transcript on Scolastic.com)

Help us celebrate the birthday of an awesome author!


Check out this video interview from TIME for Kids!

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