Rockabyes and Lullabyes


In the past we’ve put the spotlight on authors or illustrators that we like or who have had birthdays.  Today, however, we are going to spotlight something a bit different.  We recently moved our children’s music CDs from the Audiovisual Department to the Children’s Department.  Many people may not have noticed the change, but we love having the music closer to us–it helps in preparing for story time and it makes our area more convenient for “one-stop” selecting.

So in honor of those children’s music CDs, we are going to show off a portion of our collection that is underutilized:  the lullaby and instrumental sleepytime CDs.  These are perfect not only for new parents and their fussy babies, but also for long car rides or quiet times at home.  Now, we’ve certainly got many of the traditional lullabies, but we also have some new (ish) CDs that will rock your socks off (but in a soothing way!).

The Rockabye Baby series of music takes rock music from well-known singers and bands and turns it into instrumental versions of your favorite songs.  Who says you can’t rock out to a little classic rock like Led Zeppelin, Queen, or Journey with the newest member of your family?!?  You’ll find yourself singing or humming along, but you won’t have to worry about questionable lyrics or music that is too hard for little ears.  In addition, we’ve also got a variety of artists to select from, like The Beatles and Elvis along with Nirvana and Tool.

rockabye and lullaby collage

If you’re not a fan of rock music, we’ve also got country hits turned into lullabies just right for you and your baby.  The Hushabye Baby collection features artists like Patsy Cline, George Strait, and Taylor Swift.  These soothing lullabies can make bedtime much more enjoyable and fun for everyone.

Other sets of lullabies feature more contemporary artists like Train, Jason Mraz, and Adele.  The Twinkle, Twinkle Little Rockstar CDs turns popular hits by these artists into lullabies that might be a bit more to the liking of younger parents.  The Jammy Jams CDs feature Lady Gaga and “Hair Metal” songs; the Sleepytime Rangers feature Nashville hits; the Sweet Little Band CDs feature artists like Beyonce, Shakira, and Pink; and Sleepytime Tunes feature singers like Tom Petty and Bruce Springsteen.

Whatever your taste in music, you can be sure to find something that you’ll enjoy listening to in the wee hours with that new little bundle of joy who just won’t go to sleep yet!


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