Story Time Starter — Green

Story Time Starter

March is all about the arrival of spring and celebrating all things green!  This month’s story time starter brings all the best books, music, and crafts that the color green has to offer.  From frogs and turtles to grass and leaves, we’ve got plenty of green things to choose from.

  • You can focus on the color green and how mixing yellow and blue creates the color.
  • Or you could focus more on things that are growing now that warmer temperatures are here to stay.
  • You could even talk about “going green” and how important it is to reduce, reuse, and recycle.
  • Or make it a St. Patrick’s Day theme with a selection of holiday books.

We’ve also got lots of nonfiction reads included to teach AND entertain.  Keep on reading for all of these great story time ideas and much more!


Take a look at these green books:

green collage picasa

Green Books booklist (Word Document/.doc file)


Rhymes and fingerplays are a great addition to story time.  These are not only good time fillers, but they are also good for getting some wiggles out!

Five Fat Peas
Five fat peas in a pea pod pressed  (put fists together side by side)
One grew, two grew, and so did all the rest  (open fingers slowly, one at a time)
They grew and they grew and they did not stop  (open hands wider and wider)
Until one day, the pod went “POP!”  (clap hands loudly)

Green Leaf
Here is a green leaf
And here is a green leaf  (hold out two palms)
That, you see, makes two
Here is a bud
That makes a flower  (cup hands together)
Watch it bloom for you  (spread fingers slowly)

The Frog on the Log
There once was a little green
frog, frog, frog
Who played in the wood on a
log, log, log
A screech owl sitting in a
tree, tree, tree
Came after the frog with a
screech, screech, screech
When the frog heard the owl, in a
flash, flash, flash
He leaped in the pond with a
splash, splash, splash


Next, we’ve picked out some winning music to go along with the fingerplays and rhymes.

The Merry Goes ‘Round CD by Jewel
Song:  The Green Grass Grows All Around (#12)

Seasonal Songs in Motion CD by The Learning StationSongs:  Hungry Caterpillar (#1), Spring is Here (#2), Green Grass Grows (#3)

Time Out to Rock CD by The Not-Its!
Song:  Green Light, Go! (#4)

Shakin’ in Chicago CD by Thaddeus Rex
Song:  Where Can I Find Green Eggs and Ham (#9)


And last, but not least, we’ve got some fabulous green crafts picked out that would be a great way to end this awesome story time for you.  Have fun this month being silly and enjoying green!


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