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My First Day by Steve Jenkins and Robin Page
From Miss Deborah at Main

What did you do on the day you were born?  You probably just slept, cried, and drank some milk.  My First Day shows what animals can do on day one of their lives.  Some, like tigers can’t even open their eyes and their mothers take care of them until they can take care of themselves.  Others, like capybaras can swim and dive after just a few hours. Sea otters carry their babies on their bellies so they don’t drift out to sea, but leatherback turtles are left to find their own way to the sea when they hatch.

My First Day

Beautiful cut and torn paper collages illustrate animal babies and their parents on their first day as the spare text wraps around them telling what they are capable of when they are born.  At the end of the book, there is more information about all 22 animals telling where they live, how big they get as adults and what they eat.  This lovely picture book will be a favorite of young children who love baby animals.

You can find more books by Steve Jenkins and Robin Page at your library! Mr. Jenkins has also wrote and illustrated many other great books!

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