Story Time Starter — Trucks & Tractors

Story Time Starter

Get ready, get set … GO!  This month’s story time is all about trucks and tractors.  Miss Mary from the Main Library is sharing this month’s awesome ready-to-go story time.

What child does not enjoy rollicking stories about trucks and tractors?  Monster trucks, cranes, garbage trucks and bulldozers all make great topics for story time at home or at the library.  Boys and girls love identifying the pictures of the different machines which are in the stories.

Reading to children is a great way for them to learn new words about different types of trucks and tractors they may see at the construction site or in the fields.  But more than that–it’s fun!  Here are just a few of the great selection of truck and tractor books in our collection which would be fun to share in story time.

 truck & tractor collage

Trucks & Tractors book list (Word Document/.doc file)


Rhymes and finger plays are always a great addition to books in a story time.  Here are a few engaging rhymes you might enjoy doing with your child:


Here comes the truck (sweep hands from left to right)
Rumbling down the street (slap hands quickly on legs)
Put on the brakes (pull back with both hands)
Jump to your feet (jump)

Lift the can up high (lift arms overhead)
And dump trash in (lower arms straight out in front of you)
Crush it and smash it (clap on “crush” and “smash”)
Then to the next bin (march in place)

One house, then two (hold up one finger than two)
Til the street’s all done (sweep hands out to each side)
On to the next street (march in place)
Now wasn’t that fun? (nod head)


Here is the tractor so big and strong
Here is the trailer so wide and long.

Here is the cab where the driver will be
Here is the window so the driver can see.

Here is the steering wheel that’s round.
Here are the tires that roll on the ground.

Here is the load that the truck will take.
Here is the engine that can roar and shake.

Here is the truck that’s on its way;
Off to work for another day.

(do actions as instructed)

Open the truck door.
Climb inside.
I get to help
My mommy drive.

Fasten the seat belt.
Shut the door.
Start the engine.
Hear it roar.

Turn the corner.
Step on the gas.
If the road’s clear
We may pass.


These truck and tractor music CD’s for story time are filled with toe-tapping tunes that can’t be beat!


Crafts are a great way to finish off story time!  Here are instructions for simple crafts that are perfect for you and your truck lover.  Just click to follow the link to these printable crafts:


Thanks, Miss Mary, for another terrific story time!

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