Crafting with Kids — Leftover Lanterns

Crafting with Kids

Miss Melanie at the Main Library has another great craft idea for us this month.  Using recycled materials and some basic crafting supplies, she shows us how to turn an old can or jar into a lantern.  This project would be perfect for older children to make and hang outside on a warm spring night for a little mood lighting!

Here’s how to make your very own Tin Can Punch Light with some great pictures to help you along the way.  Try using different sizes of cans and making your own designs to punch.  And here’s how to make a Mason Jar Lantern with a pictures and a link to a PDF complete with detailed instructions.  Again, try the technique using different sizes of glass jars and different paint designs.  Miss Melanie’s kids used fabric paint, but you could use any kind that would adhere to glass.  After you’ve made either lantern, tie on some rope or bend some thin gauge wire to hang them up.  Then stand back and admire what you’ve made!

Want to see how Miss Melanie and her crafty kids’ creations came out?  Take a look at these fabulous photos!

lantern collage 1

lantern collage 2

lantern collage 3.3

If this inspires you to want to make some more recycled crafts with your family, look no further than the craft section here at the library.  We’ve got shelves full of books on making crafts with lots of materials you may just have laying around the house.  We’d love to inspire you to make your own leftover lanterns or other craft project.

Happy crafting!

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