Celebrate National Card Playing Day!

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Drop those Christmas presents and grab the card games, because today is National Card Playing Day!  How will you celebrate?  Will you play a classic game of Uno or Go Fish with your kids?  Or will you play a couple hands of new favorites like Monopoly Deal or The Storybook Game with the family? While traditional card games may be a bit difficult for the littlest hands, board games like Candyland or Memory might be a better option.  Better have lots of games on hand to make the day fun for all ages!

Many smartphones and tablets have apps for card games to play online.  You could also pack along a mini version of your favorite game to play while you’re waiting in line to return or exchange those unwanted Christmas gifts.

Maybe you’re not as much a gamer as you are a crafter.  Well, you’re in luck, because if you wanted a new wallet (the one that Santa didn’t bring you), you can just make your own with a few playing cards and some packing tape.  Your friends (and your children’s friends) will be jealous of your nifty creation.  Of course, you can always make a house of cards, and then have fun knocking it down.

Have fun playing cards today, and be sure to play fair!

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