Crafting with Kids — Christmas Crafts

Crafting with Kids

The holiday season is upon us and Christmas is almost here, so this time we are featuring some crafts you can make with your kids at home.  Some are simple, and some are more difficult, but whatever crafting level you prefer, these crafts rock!

First, we’ll start off with a simpler craft.  This cute snowman just involves paper, a hole punch, some yarn or string, and crayons or makers.

Snowman ornament instructions:  Print the image out on card stock and cut around the edges a bit.  Color it, put some string on it, and hang it on the tree when you’re done.

snowman ornament collage

(Ours in the picture is a different snowman, but we’re not sure where the image came from, so we can’t link to it!)

Next, we have a more difficult craftSanta ball ornaments, and Rudolph flower pot ornaments.  Each ornament needs a few supplies, which are listed in the instructions.

Santa ball ornament instructions:  Start with a red bulb Christmas tree ornament.  Cut a triangle of red construction paper for the hat.  Glue to the top of the bulb.  Stretch a cotton ball into a beard shape and glue it to the bottom.  Add google eyes, a pom pom for the nose and one for the top of the hat, and you’re ready to hang it up after adding some more cotton to the bottom of the hat!

Rudolph flower pot ornament instructions:  Starting with the smallest flower pot you can find (2-3 inches), make sure the hole in the bottom is big enough to put a pipe cleaner through.  If not, make it slightly bigger.  Take a brown pipe cleaner and put a small jingle bell in the middle of the length, then string it through a large button so it won’t come through the hole in the pot.  Feed the pipe cleaner through the hole and bend and twist each half to look like antlers.  Glue on some google eyes and a pom pom nose, and then attach a ribbon or string to the antlers for hanging.  You can add details with a black permanent marker, if you want.

santa rudolph ornament collage 2

Lastly, we’ve got a treat just for you!  Every December we have a Gingerbread House craft program.  This craft is the most difficult to do, but so much fun for the family.  You’ll need cardboard cut into a gingerbread house shape, frosting, and various candy, cereal, pretzels, or colored pasta for decorating.

Gingerbread House instructions:  Assemble the pre-cut cardboard house with masking tape.  Use tape to hold it down to a sturdy paper plate.  Using either a butter knife or a large craft stick, start spreading the icing on in small patches and decorate with candy or other items.  Don’t use items that are too big or heavy for the roof, or the icing won’t hold and they will slide.  Pretzel sticks and cereal work well for the roof.  Candy canes, Skittles, licorice, Mike & Ikes, peppermint candies, marshmallows, and gumdrops are great for the decorations.

gingerbread house collage

Whatever you decide to do with your family, take the time to enjoy the season and each other!  Happy crafting!

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